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The Mobile Game


Release: August 19, 2004 (US)

Genre: Platformer

Developer: THQ

Publisher: THQ

Compatible with: 113 handsets which are listed here

In 2004, a mobile phone version of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy was released. It follows the same basic storyline as the console versions and features similar gameplay elements. It's basically a scaled down version of the main console game, from what I've seen.

The game uses an isometric viewpoint and features impressive graphics for a mobile game. There are 12 levels and they are split between Sphinx and Tutankhamen, the mummy. As Sphinx, your goal in each level is usually to clear the room of enemies using the Blade of Osiris and the blowpipe. The mummy's stages have you sneaking past enemies and solving puzzles using fire and electricity to your advantage. If you can gather 100 scarabs in a level, you are granted access to a hidden level. Collecting 200 scarabs in a level will win you a bonus, such as extra lives or an increased health meter.

Many more images of the game can be found here in the Gallery section of this site.

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