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This page is devoted to the stuff that didn't make it to the final game. These have been discovered through early screenshots, previews and interviews. Even the bonus video in the game shows some things that got scrapped at some point during the three years Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy was being made. If you have found any more unusual screenshots or cut stuff, be sure to post them in the forum.

Sphinx's winged lion form


Originally Sphinx would've had the ability to transform into a winged lion and take to the sky at certain points of the game. In this form Sphinx would have took part in aerial combat and chases. The second trailer of the game at GameSpot.com shows Sphinx in this form flying high over Uruk and through a valley of lava. Although this idea must have been scrapped quite early on, the Bat Mummy idea probably replaced it.

Old Geb Queen palace

Some early screenshots and the bonus "Making of Sphinx" video in the game show that the Geb Queen's palace was originally different than the one seen in the final game. It seems that the Gebs would have assisted her during the boss battle instead of Skull Swordsmen. In the final game, the Gebs are only ever seen in a cutscene and in the museum at Abydos.


These early screenshots shows Sakkara, an entire region that was cut from the game. An early preview of the game on IGN.com said "There are the jungles, swamps and lakes of Sakkara". The music track which plays in Heliopolis is named "Sakara" on Eurocom's website although it seems that most of the names have been mixed up (as the Luxor Palace tune is misnamed "Aby Main"). A beta item named "Sakkara Amulet" would have presumably teleported Sphinx to a Portal God located here.

This removed lynx-like character who is seen talking to Sphinx at one point in an old trailer looks like he belongs in the Sakkara region.




This seems to be the underwater city of Akaria, another region which didn't make it to the final game. It's seen many times during the bonus video contained in the game and there are many more screenshots of this region on the web. A beta item named "Akaria Amulet" would have presumably teleported Sphinx to a Portal God located here.


The beta item "Message for Akarian King" would suggest this character, who Sphinx is seen approaching in the bonus "Making Of" video. What's even weirder is, in the second screenshot here, standing next to him is Sorkon, owner of Sorkon's Sequence Shack in Abydos in the game. As with a lot of random characters like him, it seems they were all scheduled for a more important role. And I for one have a funny feeling it was that king who was supposed to turn into the big green scorpion beast originally...

In the official strategy guide for the game, on the page about the final battle with Set the guide says "He also throws explosive balls just like the Akarian Ishka boss". This is interesting, as "Akarian Ishka" is not mentioned anywhere else in the guide and there is no such boss in the game.

In addition, an item named "Ishka's Ring" was removed from the game. The strategy guide was probably written way before that particular boss was removed from the game, along with the entire Akaria region. The reference was most likely left in by mistake.

 A location named "Akaria Dome" was also left in the game's coding.

Early PS2 button interface

The button interface used to look different in the Playstation 2 version of the game. It was changed to look more like the button icons on the PS2 controller I guess.

Tutankhamen attack?

Looking at the button interface, it seems that Prince Tutankhamen would originally have been able to perform an attack of some kind. Just imagine him punching Akhenaten in the gut there.

Early PAL cover art?

This seems to be an old cover for the PAL version of the game. The only notable differences are the cover being more red than the final, the mummy not being electrocuted and his eyes looking in a different direction.

Old icons

As you can see, the Health Ankh icons used to look different, pretty plain. In addition, instead of the blowpipe icon on the button interface, "3rd PERSON" is displayed here.

Sekhmet mystery

This screenshot shows Sphinx talking to Sekhmet the Squirt herdsman, who is found in Heliopolis Point in the retail version of the game. Another Urukite can be seen wandering in the background with some kind of tool. Wherever this location is, I don't know.

Confused Relative

There are two weird things about this screenshot. Usually Aunt Seti holds a golden Old Amulet in her hand whereas here she is shown with a white ankh. Secondly, if you read the text, she calls the prince her nephew and then her son. They must have noticed this mistake and changed "my son" to "my dear" for the final release.

Cut characters

A selection of unknown characters and monsters who didn't make it to the final game.

This orange character above is named "Tortoise Man".



Abydos Plaza oddities


1) This early screenshot shows that the juggler was originally situated in a different spot from the one he's in in the final game.

2) This is the man who asks Sphinx to find three lost pearls for him. This screenshot shows that he would've stood in the actual Plaza, whereas in the final version of the game he is found in a side street near the docks, standing by a market stall with another merchant.

3) This is the chef from Luxor Palace's banquet hall, who doesn't belong here in Abydos. The only people standing near the well in the game are the juggler and the sister of the Abydosian woman who Sphinx saved from the Cursed Palace.

4) This shows that the Abydosian guards were originally to have blue feathers instead of grey, and gold armour instead of red.

Early Anubis design

An early design for the Anubis character. The image on the right is seen for a second during the bonus "Making of Sphinx" video in the game.

Captain Sphinx

This early screenshot shows Sphinx on a boat in the Abydos canal. The boat seems to have three buttons on it, which is interesting as this probably means that Sphinx would've been able to travel around with the boat. The three buttons (there could be more not shown in this image) probably moved the boat in different directions when stepped on. Perhaps instead of paying Khonsu the ferryman to travel between regions you could originally do it yourself.

Great Eagle in Abydos

This screenshot shows Sphinx being carried by a Great Eagle in Abydos. In the final game, Great Eagles can only be summoned on special Eagle Discs in Heliopolis. Instead of eagles there are zip lines in Abydos that serve the same purpose; transporting you from one ledge to another.

Corridor of Champions croc and Urukite Chief


In concept art for the game you can see the Corridor of Champions game master riding on a two-legged dinosaur creature and also a character who looks similar to the Urukite Chief (albeit brown and less scruffy). It's probable that the game master's original role was to be larger but got cut from the game, and so he was given a minor role in the final game. The character in the back can be seen in the mystery below.

Luxor Guard

This hippo-like character was cut from the game, although he made an appearance in the 30 second TV commercial. As Sphinx and Tutankhamen are walking through town, this character is seen briefly bonking a Squirt on the head, picking it up and tossing it onto the ground. He was also part of the concept art shown in the mystery above.

Helian Mummy Monster

This enemy was removed from the game, but he's seen near the end of the bonus "Making Of" video for a second. He seems to be a large, mummified, fire-breathing bull-like monster and it looks like he would've roamed the deserts of Heliopolis.

Another removed level

This area is never seen in the final game. Perhaps it was another entrance in the Great Wall of Heliopolis, or a building in Sakkara.

Pillow Swap

For whatever reason, the bum by the Grand Canal (and Bedouin Outpost)'s pillows used to be blue. No idea why they bothered changing it.

Common Monster Shop

It seems that originally, instead of having only six rare monsters which couldn't be caught elsewhere, Montu's Monster Shop in Abydos would've also sold regular monsters. Shown here are a Smiling Burble, a Fire Armadillo and a Goofy Lizard. In the NTSC version of the game, Smiling Burbles don't respawn after being killed so this would have allowed anyone who missed them at first to obtain them later on. As for the Goofy Lizard, there is only one in the game who can be bought from a man in Narrow Canal for 4 game medals.

Also, the Nomad is standing in a different spot from where he is in the game.

Gauntlet scoreboard

A much more basic score counter for the Corridor of Champions gauntlets. This was obviously just a placeholder for the one seen in the final game.

2 Fortune Tellers

In the bonus "Making of" video, at one point you can see two Fortune Tellers. When Sphinx freed the Fortune Teller from the Cursed Palace, she did predict that they would meet again in the future, so perhaps this was meant to happen afterwards but was cut from the game.

No Portal God

This early screenshot shows Sphinx in Luxor Pyramid, but where the Portal God is in the final game there is another kind of portal which probably would have teleported Sphinx before it got replaced.

How many cupboards do ya need?

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